My educational background and training allow me to make evidence based, clinically researched suggestions that are uniquely individualized and suited to your needs. Essential oils are powerful chemicals that need to be treated with care.  Contrary to the popular belief that simply because essential oils are natural, they must naturally be safe for all; there are times when essential oils may actually be dangerous for certain individuals. When used properly, aromatherapy can restore or enhance health, beauty and well being; used improperly, one could adversely affect one’s health and even cause harm. There are numerous essential oils that are unsuitable for and contraindicated for children, pregnant and nursing mothers, those with certain medical conditions and on particular medications. There are chemical constituents in essential oils that can even interfere with certain medications and conditions. It is important to consult with a qualified practitioner and your doctor before taking essential oils under these conditions to ensure safe and proper use.

My goal is to help you select and incorporate aromatics into your life safely and effectively. Aromatherapy can help bring balance and support to life’s journey. I can help guide you to the right essential oils, hydrosols, resins or Co2 extracts so you don’t waste money and time chasing down essential oils and methods that may not work for you. My expertise allows me to select for you the right delivery methods and amounts that are appropriate for your individual needs and well being. When essential oils are not appropriate, I can help guide you to gentler options instead.  My education also provides an understanding of when other less potent forms may be more suitable to start with as well. I can teach you how to use these aromatics safely, where to source them and offer several customized recommendations exclusively for you. As a holistic aromatherapist, I look to the whole person and address all aspects of well being; body, mind and spirit. 

My approach relies on utilizing the skills I’ve learned in my aromatic medicine and practitioner courses, based on the most current scientific research and evidence based practices available. I rely on the most up to date safety recommendations by experts in the field of Aromatherapy.  I am continually updating and enhancing my Aromatic Tool Kit.  I am a life long learner always working to learn from as many experts in the field as I can, studying the latest ways to potentiate aromatic therapies and the science and technology behind them. This knowledge translates into better, safer and more cost effective recommendations for you. My goal is to teach you how to to harness the powers of aromatics for yourself. 

Allow me to help you navigate your aromatherapy journey safely and effectively.



**I do not diagnose, prescribe for or treat medical conditions. I am not a doctor, and I do not pretend to be. I do not practice beyond my scope and will be the first to advise you when further treatment beyond my care is necessary.  Always consult a qualified practitioner before making any changes to your current regimen. Please see a medical professional for serious medical conditions. I am happy to work alongside your medical team to be sure that your aromatic choices are safe and appropriate for you. Information shared is for educational purposes only.